2021 Tesla Model 3 with Heat Pump 3x More Efficient vs Old Model 3 [VIDEO]

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Bjorn Nyland has shared how a 2021 Tesla Model 3 refresh with heat pump compared to a regular Model 3 and the previous HVAC system. The Model 3 refresh he tested is from Tesla’s Fremont, California, factory, and not Giga Shanghai.

Nyland used Camp Mode to test the efficiency of the Model 3 heat pump to compare against his regular Model 3, to see how much power would be drawn from the vehicle batteries. He enabled Camp Mode then came back in three hours.

Conclusion at 3C (37.4F) outside:

  • Model 3 with heat pump uses 1% battery per hour (roughly 700 watts)
  • Model 3 (no heat pump) uses 3.3% per hour (about 2,150 watts)

In a nutshell, that puts the Model 3 with heat pump as three-time more efficient than the previous Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) HVAC system.

Check out the Tesla YouTube OG Bjørn Nyland’s video below:

According to Bjorn, he says this difference in efficiencies is “no big deal” when it comes to charging, since there’s an advantage with Tesla’s Supercharger network.

“It’s not going to mean the end of the world” for Model 3 owners without a heat pump, said Bjorn, adding he would still want a Model 3 with a heat pump though.