New Tesla ‘Commercial Charging’ Lets Businesses Easily Add Wall Connectors, Set Prices



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Tesla has launched a new webpage highlighting Commercial Charging for apartments and other businesses.

According to Tesla, its Commercial Charging offering will allow apartment owners to “modernize your amenities”, as residents can wake up to fully charged vehicles, while “Property managers will soon be able to seamlessly collect payment for energy consumed.”

A Tesla Wall Connectors will also “pay for itself over time,” offering a return on investment for property owners and other businesses. “Property managers will soon be able to set the price of charging sessions while Tesla handles payments automatically and securely – with no monthly fees,” explains the company.

With built-in Wi-Fi capabilities, Tesla says they “will update your charging stations over time, provide you with monthly data reports and let you know when it’s time to install more Wall Connectors.”

Tesla also stresses its Commercial Charging solution is scalable when it comes to installation. “Reduce your cost of installation by avoiding service upgrades using built-in power sharing features. Wall Connector is ADA compliant and designed for both indoor and outdoor use. Work with your own electrician or partner with one of over 1,400 Tesla Certified Electricians,” adds Tesla’s website.

Tesla will now be able to grow its destination chargers, making it easy for business owners to integrate them as Tesla drivers will be billed for electricity use—with prices being set by property owners. When destination chargers expand, it reduces the friction when it comes to owning a Tesla if more businesses have them available.

For business owners, they may also see an extra passive revenue stream by having Tesla Wall Connectors available for Tesla owners. It also means there’s now no excuse for apartment owners to add Wall Connectors for residents, while Tesla may be charging competitive rates versus other third-party charging networks for setup and implementation.

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