Tesla Issues Model Y, Model X Recalls Totalling 9,500 U.S. Vehicles

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) said earlier this month that it would be expanding an earlier probe into Tesla’s vehicles.

Now, Tesla has issued two recalls as instructed by the NHTSA on Wednesday, totalling 9,500 US vehicles, as reported by Reuters.

The first and larger of the two recalls accounts for 9,136 Model X units from 2016, citing a problem where the front and spine of the cosmetic roof trim may have been adhered without first using a primer, causing the pieces of trim to separate while driving.

The company will need to inspect the recalled vehicles and apply retention tests. If the cars fail the retention test, then Tesla will simply apply the necessary primer to fix the issue.

Tesla’s second recall will cover the other 401 vehicles involved, a number of 2020 Model Y units without proper bolt connections between the upper control arm and the steering knuckle. These bolts, the NHTSA says, may not have been adequately tightened and could detach the upper arm from the steering knuckle.

During recalls, Tesla said it would also inspect and adjust for proper torque, if necessary. The news of the recalls will likely affect a number of customers, though it’ll be better to fix the issues and get these vehicles back on the road than the alternative.