SpaceX Scrubs Latest Starlink Satellite Launch to November 23

SpaceX has scrubbed the Falcon 9 launch tonight that was set to launch 60 more Starlink satellites into orbit.

“Standing down from today’s launch of Starlink. Rocket and payload are healthy; teams will use additional time to complete data reviews and are now working toward backup opportunity on Monday, November 23 at 9:34 p.m. but keeping an eye on recovery weather,” said SpaceX tonight.

The scheduled liftoff was set for 6:56 pm PST / 9:56pm EST, and would have been the seventh launch for the Falcon 9 rocket, setting a new record. SpaceX previously said it expects these aptly-named ‘Block 5’ Falcon 9 rockets to fly at least 10 times—with just inspections between flights.

You can hear the ‘scrub’ call out at 16:40 below:

YouTube video

The revised launch is now set for Monday, November 23 at 6:34pm PST/9:34pm EST. To date, there are nearly 900 Starlink satellites in low earth orbit, and the numbers will keep growing as long as SpaceX is able to stick to its launch schedule.

Starlink internet is currently in beta in the United States and Canada, and so far early reviews have been very positive for the new service.