Tesla Full Self-Driving Beta to Get ‘Special’ Update Next Week Says Elon Musk

Tesla’s Full Self-Driving beta is set to get a new “special” release next week, according to CEO Elon Musk on Thursday morning.

“Next week’s release is special. Lot of fundamental improvements, both important bug fixes & entire new areas of functionality.”

As for when Full Self-Driving beta will expand further, Musk responded to the query by saying, “If next week’s release looks good, we will widen beta.”

The most recent Tesla software update is 2020.44.10.2 for Full Self-Driving beta testers, released on November 14, 2020. Tesla has been sending out weekly updates for beta testers so far.

The beta software continues to impress over time, with one journey from Redwood City to Santa Cruz in California able to go 50 miles without any interventions.