Tesla Model 3 Takes #2 Spot in New Car Registrations in Dubai: Report

Electric vehicles (EVs) are selling en masse throughout the world, and the transition to sustainable transportation is beginning to feel within reach.

The Tesla Model 3 was the second most popular new car registration in Dubai in 2020, following the Nissan Patrol by only 9 units, according to data was gathered from Dubai Pulse, ultimately depicting an impressive show for the EV in a largely conventional gas vehicle-dominated nation.

The Tesla Model 3 sold 174 new units in Dubai, with the Nissan Patrol having sold 183. The Model 3 was then followed by the Toyota Land Cruiser at 79 units, the Nissan X-Trail at 66 units, and the Nissan Kicks at 55 units, these making up the top five new car registrations.

One user on Reddit commented, “Being a purely electric manufacturer with capacity, growing capital, and logic tics to ship globally right now is a good spot to be.” The user continued, “The demand for electric is higher than the current production, so every car made is essentially sold. We currently can’t say the same for ICE cars – where demand is lower than production, and legacy costs will continue to increase.”

As the world changes over to EVs for the public, countries like Dubai, which largely have still yet to develop EV infrastructure, will play a key role in popularizing the vehicles and proving that they are worthwhile, even as the charging network grows throughout the world.