New Jersey Calls for Gas Car Sales Ban by 2035



After recent news of California’s plan to ban new gas car sales by 2035, the hope is that other states will start stepping up to keep up with the precedent.

On Monday, New Jersey officials called for a plan which would place a ban on new gas car sales by 2035, according to E&E News.

Pam Frank, CEO of EV advocacy coalition ChargEVC said, “It’s not just the governor [who could act].” She continued, “We also have a Legislature that’s been pretty willing to entertain clean energy initiatives.”

If the ban is to pass, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy would have to create an executive order or the Legislature would have to enact an actual law. While the state has tried to take a firm stance and become leaders on clean energy, namely, through an early law to cut all CO2 emissions from its power sector, it’s unclear whether the state will take up the cause.

Aside from California, Colorado is the only state to have enacted a gas car ban. Other states like Washington and New Jersey have discussed similar bans, but have either failed to pass their related measures or have not rolled any legislation out yet.


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