Knoxville Partners with New Flyer for 25 Zero-Emission Buses

Electric buses have been spotted around North America and soon there will be a few more coming to the United States.

New Flyer of America, a globally-leading bus manufacturer, announced on Tuesday that Knoxville Area Transit (KAT) of Knoxville, Tennessee has offered the company a contract for 12 zero-emission transit buses, according to a press release.

The five-year deal also includes purchase options of up to another 13 buses, which can be either thirty-five or forty feet long.

KAT completes a total of 3 million passenger trips per year, signaling a major need to move to electric buses. It purchased its first battery-electric bus from New Flyer in December 2019, and was working towards sustainable transportation even before that, having over 30% hybrids within its current fleet.

Chris Stoddart, New Flyer President, said, “This contract includes charging infrastructure encompassing six depot chargers, one portable trailer-mounted charger, and design-build support from New Flyer Infrastructure Solutions, including installation services, software and software services, training, warranties, and commissioning.”

Stoddart continued, “Working with KAT on a comprehensive mobility solution including both buses and infrastructure will ensure an optimized approach to the design and deployment of zero-emission mobility.”

While New Flyer has been around for several decades, it’s presence will likely increase around the US with the move to zero-emission vehicles. And with the amount buses drive everyday, the difference in environmental impact will be huge.