Tesla ‘Phantom Braking’ Fixed in Latest Software Update Says Elon Musk

Some Tesla owners have suffered from ‘phantom braking’ driving their vehicles, which essentially is the car slamming on the brakes when no danger is in sight. A quick search of the web and you’ll find various threads on Reddit and more about the issue.

Now, it appears a fix for Tesla’s apparent ‘phantom braking’ issue has been released, in the company’s latest software update, according to CEO Elon Musk.

Musk was asked, “Is the issue of phantom braking fixed in this release? Has been a number of people talking about this recently,” by @EVHQ2.

The Tesla CEO first responded, “it should be,” then clarified, “Meant to say that it should be fixed in the latest wide release. Won’t need to wait for FSD.”

Earlier today, Musk said the Autopilot Full Self-Driving beta release will be coming in a “few weeks”, in a limited beta capacity.

The latest Tesla software update is 2020.40.3, slowly rolling out to owners. This update brings Speed Assist features such as speed limit signs detection to Canada for the first time.