Watch Tesla’s Roadrunner 4680 Battery Cell Get Made [VIDEO]



Tesla roadrunner battery

Tesla’s new Roadrunner 4680 battery cell unveiled today gets its name from being 46mm wide and 80mm tall.

According to Tesla, the new 4680 battery cell offers five times the energy, will increase vehicle range by 16% and has six times the power of existing batteries. With its cap-less design, this new battery allows for a much more efficient manufacturing process, compared to traditional batteries.

Below is a video Tesla showed at its Battery Day, detailing how its 4680 cell is made. While the Battery Day event replay is not up yet (the presentation is just about to end), you can see the video below recorded by Reddit user ‘patprint’.

Check it out below:

Roadrunner 4680 cell manufacturing line videos from r/teslamotors

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