Tesla Hiring Spree Underway at Giga New York for Solar Production

Solar energy is something our world has been striving towards for decades now, and Tesla has made some pretty impressive strides in that direction. Still, the world is seeking more solar energy options, and Tesla is hardly able to keep up with demand at the moment.

Tesla’s Giga New York is increasing its hiring efforts in order to accelerate its solar production program, as reported by Teslarati. A number of job listings were recently shared on LinkedIn for the company’s Buffalo location.

Various positions are listed, though they’re primarily hiring for engineering, maintenance, production, and roof installer positions, among others.

Tesla employees at the plant also told Teslarati that the factory is on a 24-hour schedule six days each which, just to keep up with the current demand. The increase in staffing then, should help the company keep up with demand, and hopefully be able to increase supply significantly.

Tesla’s solar factory is facing high demand right now, between the company’s impressive entry into Q3 – although its stocks have fallen significantly the past week – and the global need to address concerns over climate change.

Hopefully, a new batch of employees will help the company get caught up with consumers, and ultimately encourage solar practices to be embraced by the mainstream public.