New Tesla Superchargers Open in California, Florida, Colorado, Vermont



Tesla has been pushing forward in its effort to expand their network of Supercharger stations, alleviating concerns about vehicle range and charging accessibility.

On September 4, 2020, the company opened up four more stations in California, Florida, Colorado and Vermont. California was the site of the very first Supercharger station, and it seems the company is investing a great deal in building a comprehensive electric charging infrastructure in the state.

New Tesla Superchargers in California: Cerritos and Paso Robles

One of the two locations unveiled on September 4 in California is in Cerritos. The stall is located on the edge of the Los Cerritos Center parking lot, and features 12 stalls with 72 kW charging capability. The other Supercharger location that opened in California is in Paso Robles in the parking lot of Golden Hills Plaza just off Highway 46. This station is considerably larger with 28 total stalls with 250 kW charging capability. Both stations will be open 24/7, according to Supercharge.

Lakeland, Florida Tesla Supercharger

The new Tesla Supercharger station in Florida is located in Lakeland off Highway 98 just down the street from Lakeland Square Mall. The station features 7 stalls with 250 kW and will be open 24/7.

Conifer, Colorado Tesla Supercharger

A new Tesla Supercharger also opened in Conifer, Colorado, in the parking lot where Conifer Cafe and Wendy’s is located at 25637 Conifer Rd, according to Supercharge, although an official address update will be coming from Tesla once the latter updates its website. This Conifer Tesla Supercharger has 8 stalls capable of up to 250kW charging rates.

Rutland, Vermont Tesla Supercharger

A new Tesla Supercharger opened in Rutland, Vermont, located at Stewart’s Shops at 194 Woodstock Avenue. There are six V3 stalls capable of up to 250kW charging rates. This Rutland Tesla Supercharger was confirmed to be online as of September 4, 2020.

Upcoming Tesla Supercharger in Ozark, Arkansas

Another Tesla Supercharger opened and then temporarily closed in Arkansas, located in Ozark in Franklin County just off Interstate 40. This Supercharger station features 8 stalls with 250 kW charging capability. This location was open for service and then closed again shortly after. The Ozark site is still currently out of commission as of writing, but is expected to go live soon again.


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