Porsche Mission E Cross Turismo Delayed Until 2021

With the pandemic at its highest point, most electric vehicle (EV) companies have already found a model that works for them without having to change too many major plans. Porsche had just one small, albeit significant, change to announce on Wednesday.

According to Bloomberg, Porsche has shelved its spacious variant of the Taycan until early 2021, rather than its planned late 2020 release. The Porsche Mission E Cross Turismo, a slightly larger and more versatile version of the Taycan, is still set to release and Porsche says it’s not delaying the release because of any setbacks.

Regarding the release, the COVID-19 market, and the company’s place in it, Porsche CEO Oliver Blume told reporters, “The change is no disadvantage for us; we just optimized the cycle plan.” He continued, “The company has changed a lot during the coronavirus. It was important to focus on the essentials.”

While Porsche, Tesla, and Toyota all managed to stay afloat and recover demand within the Chinese market, other EV companies were not as fortunate. The recovery guaranteed profitability for these three companies, in spite of the global pandemic that shut down many showrooms and stunted growth for many EV companies and auto companies in general.

Although they’ll have to wait a little longer, fans seem genuinely eager to see the new Porsche come to light, and if Porsche’s numbers so far this year are any indication, the Taycan Mission E Cross Turismo is likely to be a success too.