Porsche Republishes the Taycan EV Includes Apple Music Integration

Listening to music and driving is one of the most quintessential pairings out there. In the age of streaming, we have access to a world’s worth of music inside our cars, and some companies are making it even easier to listen to the music we love.

According to a republished press release by Porsche (the release was originally from 2019 but accidentally published again with today’s date and reverted?), the car company reiterates Apple Music as the stock music interface in the fully electric Porsche Taycan, no smartphone required. The Taycan is the first EV from the German automaker.

The Taycan was released earlier this year and is the first vehicle to have Apple Music as its stock streaming service. Porsche will offer 6-months of free Apple Music and three years of free cellular streaming. Apple CarPlay is also included in the Porsche Taycan.


Apple Music Vice President Oliver Schusser said, “Since Apple Music launched, we’ve been working to bring our customers the best music experience possible in the car, and Porsche has been on the cutting edge in this space.” He continued, “Porsche builds sports cars at the highest level and today, with the introduction of the Taycan, customers now can choose Apple Music built-in seamlessly to find the perfect soundtrack for every drive.”

With the first integration of Apple Music into a car just beyond reach, we’re now entering into a period where streaming apps may become commonplace inside cars, and certainly we’ll see a growing number of electric cars out on the road.

As for the 2021 Porsche Taycan, new options will include a color head-up display, plus the company’s Smartlift function to control your ride height, while SiriusXM 360L will be added to media options.

New exterior colours will include: Mahogany Metallic, Frozenberry Metallic, Cherry Metallic, Coffee Beige Metallic, Chalk, Neptune Blue and Ice Grey Metallic.

New interior options of Black/Limestone Beige standard interior, Blackberry and Blackberry/Slate Grey leather interior, Graphite Blue/Slate Grey Race-Tex interior, and a Basalt Black/Meranti Brown OLEA Club Leather interior are also coming.

The 2021 Porsche Taycan will be available to order in Q4 of 2020, while dealers will see the vehicle in Q1 of 2021.