Nikola Earns Order for 2,500 Waste Trucks

As the electric vehicle (EV) market rapidly expands, its effects will be felt across industries. An unlikely need has arisen in the garbage industry, with the largest single order of vehicles in the waste industry having just taken place.

In a press release Monday, Nikola announced that it will sell between 2500 and 5000 electric waste trucks to Republic Services.

Nikola Motor Plans BILLION DOLLAR F...
Nikola Motor Plans BILLION DOLLAR FACTORY for Electric Truck Production

Although production is not set to begin until 2022, the sale marks a major landmark in the EV world. The single biggest order of EVs to date, the decision is likely to spur other major companies to consider whether it’s time to go electric. The move also caused a major spike in NKLA’s stock.

In spite of the deal, some critics still suggest that Nikola is nothing to write home about, given that they still have no vehicles and nothing to show for their stock market success.

Founder Trevor Milton started Nikola specifically to make electric trucks and other specialty vehicles based on battery and hydrogen engines. Since the company’s founding in 2014, it has committed itself to sustainability and environmental progress, and this move marks a major first step in that direction for the US garbage industry.

Not only will Nikola’s new Arizona factory offer thousands of jobs, but its shares are also surging since the waste truck order’s announcement on Friday, offering a likely stable and growing relationship between the company and the larger Phoenix community.

As the EV movement continues to grow, it’ll be fascinating to see which industry is next in line to make a radical switch like this to zero emissions vehicles.