Tesla Model 3 Customer in Wheelchair Gets Free Power Lift Gate from Elon Musk



It should come as no surprise that a Tesla is many people’s dream car, just like it was for this Model 3 owner in China. Yesterday, he went on Twitter and talked about his disability, being left wheelchair-bound after suffering a spinal injury back in 2018.

The Tesla Model 3 vehicle was initially out of his budget, which prompted him to purchase the more affordable BYD Qin ProDM electric vehicle. With the Smart Summon feature unable to get up certain slopes, he looked at getting a Tesla Model 3 again once Gigafactory Shanghai started producing these cars for a better price.

Directing his message to Elon Musk, he suggested that power lift gates be implemented for the “front and back truck” of Tesla Model 3 cars.

Elon Musk promptly replied and said the company would “add a power lift gate at no cost”. The Tesla Model 3 owner also proposed incorporating Tesla’s Smart Summon into the basic Autopilot system. This means that users wouldn’t need to get the $8,000 Full Self-Driving package for it.

Installing this feature free-of-charge is great news, since third-party modifications for a Tesla Model 3 power lift gate can cost up to $400 as reported by Electrek. With Tesla becoming more well-known, adding such a feature could change the lives of many.


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