Tesla Inches Closer to S&P 500 Inclusion After Surprise Q2



Tesla has attracted the attention of many investors, with the general public becoming interested in buying shares as well (through third-party apps like Robinhood), as the stock has been on fire lately.

Tesla absolutely surpassed expectations with their Q2 (second quarter) results, rising about 6% after trading finished on Wednesday.

As reported on Yahoo Finance, Tesla’s net cash increased by $100 million and is now worth $964 million, Whereas the net cash was valued at $864 million last year. Zacks Consensus Estimate predicted that Tesla shares would drop by 49 cents, while they turned out to be worth $2.18 each. Due to the global pandemic, the production and delivery of Teslas have dropped by 5%.

Below is a great breakdown of Tesla’s latest stock surge by venture capitalist Chamath Palihapitiya, founder and CEO of Social Capital:

Having completely exceeded any forecasted expectations, Tesla remains one of the leading automotive companies worldwide with its eyes set on the S&P 500 Index.

With four straight quarters of profitability combined, Tesla is now eligible to join the exclusive index. It means once part of the S&P 500, it opens the stock to more investors such as investment funds, meaning Tesla would become part of retirement portfolios, further cementing its role as a major player in the automotive and tech world.

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