Tesla Gigafactory 3 July 2020 Construction Update [VIDEO]



Construction for Giga Shanghai officially began in December 2018. The factory mainly handles the assembly of Model 3 vehicles, and is starting with Model Y production. On July 16, “3 steady stream of trucks” could be seen transporting equipment around Tesla Gigafactory 3 (also known as Giga Shanghai). You can watch some drone footage on YouTube here:

Earlier this month, CATL started to provide batteries for Tesla Gigafactory 3. According to a comment, there should be over 2,000 workers on site. It seems that the building’s foundation was built to withstand weather conditions, especially against flooding and rain.

Gigafactory 3’s design also seems to have been revised from the first phase. All auto parts of Giga Shanghai should be sourced by local Chinese suppliers by the end of the year. With the production line complete, roughly 250,000 vehicles could be made annually from Gigafactory 3 alone.


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