Super Factories Takes a Closer Look at Gigafactory Nevada’s Battery Cell Production



As reported by Teslarati, Super Factories recently took a closer look at Gigafactory Nevada. Not many details were previously revealed about the gigafactory before. There are plans to install more gigafactories throughout China and Europe.

The construction of Gigafactory Nevada started in 2014. Over half a mile long, there is approximately 5.3 million square feet of operational space. Yet the gigafactory is reportedly only 30% complete!

Last year, CNBC International had also uploaded a video on YouTube about Gigafactory Nevada. You can watch the full video here:

In 2018, Tesla Operating 24/7, Gigafactory Nevada has massive conveyor belts used for manufacturing battery cells. Over 200,000 solar panel tiles have been installed, which help generate solar and wind energy. The gigafactory is expected to have the “largest rooftop solar array in the world”. Chris Lister explains Tesla’s plans to focus on sustainability:

“In order to transition the world to sustainable energy, we really needed to build this big, build this boldy and really build as many battery cells as possibly could to accelerate this transtion.”

Gigafactory Nevada’s entire manufacturing process is 90% automated, with little-to-no human labor. Tesla’s custom battery cells will reportedly last electric vehicles a million miles. This battery technology will be revealed on September 22, also known as ‘Battery Day’.


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