Elon Musk at ‘No Risk’ After Oklahoma Governor Tests Positive for COVID-19

Kevin stitt elon musk

Tesla CEO Elon Musk met with Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt on July 3, to discuss a possible gigafactory in Tulsa.

Musk and his team from Tesla met with Stitt and counterparts outside, as seen in photos previously shared by the Governor, with parties opting not to wear any masks:

But now Stitt has become the first governor in the United States to test positive for COVID-19, as announced on Wednesday.

“I feel fine,” Stitt said, noting he was feeling a little achy. “I was pretty shocked that I was the first governor to get it,” said the Governor, according to Tusla World. Stitt found out he tested positive for coronavirus on Tuesday and is asymptomatic. His wife and six children tested negative.

As for any coronavirus risk for Elon Musk? Charlie Hannema, a spokesman for Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt, told Reuters in a statement, “There is no risk to any Tesla employees from the July 3 visit,” adding a follow up meeting with Tesla executives took place over a video conference call on Monday.