SpaceX Starlink Internet Beta Asks Canadians for Addresses

Spacex starlink internet beta canada

Elon Musk’s SpaceX Starlink satellite internet service appears ready to debut its beta testing in Canada soon.

Yesterday evening, Starlink sent out emails to Canadians asking them to update their addresses, ahead of private and public beta tests.

“The Starlink team is now accepting addresses (instead of just zip codes) at, which will improve our ability to provide location specific updates as our network develops,” reads the email received by Tesla North. 

Starlink internet canada

Starlink then asks users to click a link to ‘update my address’. The page they’re taken to asks them to input their address, which will be auto-filled using Google Maps.

The rest of the email reads, “Starlink private beta begins this summer with public beta to follow.  If you are signed up for updates, we will notify you if beta testing opportunities become available in your area. Thank you for your interest in Starlink!”

Last month, Elon Musk said Canada was a “major priority” for Starlink, which will include Toronto during its initial launch. Musk reiterated Starlink satellite internet is “best for low population density situations.”

For Canadians living in rural areas, high speed internet is extremely expensive versus services available in urban areas. With SpaceX and its Starlink low earth orbit satellite service, Musk aims to offer a service other internet service providers are unable or unwilling to provide.

Back in May, Starlink applied for a telecom license with the CRTC in Canada, with its submission generating over 1,800 comments, mostly of support for the service.