Tesla Berlin Gigafactory July 2020 Construction Update Flyover [VIDEOS]

Tesla berlin gigafactory

Tesla Giga Berlin, also known as Gigafactory 4 continues to progress at a solid pace, according to the latest drone flyover shared by Robert und Andreas.

YouTube video

The site is located at a 300-hectare site in the municipality of Grünheide in Germany. The first phase of Giga Berlin will see production of Model Y in 2021, which Tesla says it wants to make 10,000 vehicles per week, during Phase 1, which expects to employ up to 12,000 people.

Tobias Lindh has shared his own flyover construction update of Gigafactory Berly. He explains, “a concrete mixing plant has been built at the Gigafactory Berlin construction site and a second mixing plant arrived. At the drive unit building the first concrete layer for the foundations got poured and foundation work for casting and body in white started. The piles for the foundation of the press arrived in the stamping trench and an area near the rail [gets] prepared for easier unloading of trains.”

Check out Lindh’s video below:

YouTube video

Tesla CEO Elon Musk said on Friday the company plans to build a smaller Model Y for Europe at some point, which would be designed and engineered in Germany. The news sent shares of Tesla soaring to finish up 11% for the day, setting another all-time high for the stock.

You can see a cool 360-degree view of the site by clicking here.