Tesla Shares Achieved a Record Closing Price Monday

In the North American stock market, Tesla has a somewhat tumultuous history. Sure, the company’s stock has traded at some enormous highs, at one point even suggesting inclusion in the S&P 500. However, analysts and shareholders alike have been quick to place their doubts in the long term viability of the company’s stock outlook. In any case, following some recent numbers shared from Tesla China sales, Tesla shares closed at a record price on Monday June 8th, 2020.

Sources at CNBC shed some light on the momentous day. “Tesla shares hit a record closing price of $949.92 on Monday after opening at $919, partly in response to electric vehicle sales data out of China for the month of May.” Furthermore, “The electric-vehicle maker hit its earlier record closing price of $917.42 in February 2020.”

The fact that Tesla met its record closing price twice within just a few months is quite impressive. Equally impressive is the fact that the company managed such impressive numbers despite significant setbacks from the coronavirus outbreak. While Tesla certainly has its fair share of doubters, some analysts predicted a $1000 price point for the company’s shares recently. With prosperity surging on all fronts, both in North America and Asia, Tesla looks to surpass even its most recent records in the stock market.

As of writing on Tuesday morning, TSLA is currently trading at $944 USD per share, down nearly 1%.