Could COVID-19 Infections in California Close Tesla Down Again?



Tesla’s battle with the coronavirus in California continues to create speculation. Tesla enthusiasts and onlookers have been enamored with the company’s response to local health regulations since early in March. Local authorities in Alameda County took action to ensure that Tesla’s main facility in Fremont, California remained closed.

Since then, Tesla CEO Elon Musk lashed out against the orders in a number of ways. After reopening the facility last week, it appeared as though everything was fine. However, with more people in California going back out into the world, infections are on the rise once again. Will these new infections cause Tesla to shut down again?

A new report from Barron’s examines the looming question from a number of angles. As Alameda County begins its reopening phase, many people are getting sick once again. However, several sources attribute the increase to an overall increase in testing across California. In any case, as Barron’s states, “Alameda, in total, has about 2,700 confirmed cases, according to the Times. That would rank Alameda the sixth-highest out of California’s 58 counties, according to the Times. California has about 88,000 confirmed cases, according to the COVID Tracking Project. The state has the fourth-highest case total, trailing behind New York, New Jersey and Illinois.

Tesla continues to operate in Fremont. Time will tell just how much the easing of restrictions will limit the company’s ability to continue. As a business that was deemed nonessential in the first wave of infections, a second shut down could be in the cards if cases ramp up again.


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