Tesla Model Y Rear Window Tint Percentage Revealed



The Tesla Model Y comes with a factory tint on the rear passenger and back windows, as is the case with most compact and regular SUVs today.

If your province or state allows you to legally tint the front driver and passenger windows, those in sunny locales may want to tint their front Model Y windows to match the back.

What is the tint percentage of the back windows on the Tesla Model Y? According to Triet Nguyen on Facebook, he shared images of the rear window tint at 24%, which represents the percentage of light able to come through.

The higher the number means more light is allowed in, while the lower the number, it means less light can pass through. The measurements were taken with an Inspector II tint meter and Tint Meter Enforcer:

Model y window tint percentage

Tesla model y window tint percentage 2

Police and law enforcement utilize these tools to check the window tint percentages based on local laws. If you wanted that matched black tint across your back and front windows, ask for 24% from your local tint dealer to be installed.

In British Columbia, it’s illegal to tint the front passenger and driver windows. Some do it anyways and risk getting fined if pulled over by police.

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