Tesla Model Y vs Audi Q5 Comparison [PIC]



American Jay Yu has become an ‘unofficial’ measuring stick when it comes to the Tesla Model Y, self-dubbed the “Jay Scale”.

It all started when Yu shared an image of himself standing next to a blue Model Y tester, then compared that image to the Model 3, to show just how much taller the new compact SUV from Tesla is.

Following the viral first post, Yu has been sharing follow up comparisons of himself standing next to popular SUVs, with one of his latest being the Audi Q5 and how it stacks up versus Model Y.

Tesla model y vs audi q5

The picture above shows the Tesla Model Y versus the Audi Q5, with Yu standing in front in the same spot wearing the same clothes pretty much as before. The Model Y roofline is slightly lower versus the Q5, while the Tesla’s hatchback slopes lower versus the trunk in the Audi.

Yu says, “Did you know Audi sold nearly 70,000 Q5’s in America in 2019? That makes it the 2nd most popular luxury SUV in America. Here’s how it compares to the Tesla Model Y with the Jay Scale. Enjoy!”

When the first Tesla Model Y deliveries hit U.S. customers starting March 15, we’ll soon see more details and dimensions posted about the new electric vehicle from Elon Musk’s company.

Canadians can expect Model Y deliveries in “mid-2020”, with many seeing their order status online as “prepare for delivery”, indicating shipments are gearing up as we head into the summer.


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