Tesla iPhone App Updated for Model Y

The Tesla iPhone app was updated today to version 3.10.4, only to say “This release contains minor fixes and improvements.” However, according to digging by one Reddit user, there’s more than meets the eye to this update.

With the Model Y set to deliver first to the United States later this month, the Tesla iPhone app has been updated with render assets to show the company’s Model Y compact SUV. Here’s an example image below, shared on Reddit by user ‘Matt687’:

Tesla Model Y render asset 1

Other render images depict the rear view of the Model Y, along with a bird’s eye view and two images of its 19-inch Gemini wheels–all but confirming what’s underneath those wheel covers:

“A new Tesla app version released on Android a week or so ago and looks like it just released today on iOS. I took a quick look at the Android APK for this new version 3.10.4-396 and it looks like it contains a bunch of Model Y resources compared to the previous app version 3.10.3-390. No changes to API endpoints so no new features from what I can tell. There’s more resources like the doors, charge port, other wheels, ect. which is less interesting than the body and top view,” explains ‘Matt687’.

Model Y App Resource Images

The images also look to confirm there will be a trunk cover inside the car, to conceal your belongings.

Model Y units have been seen leaving Tesla’s Fremont factory in California, ready to deliver first to U.S. customers, sometime from March 15-30, based on delivery confirmation emails.

As for Canadian Model Y orders, some of the first customers are seeing “Prepare for delivery” as the current status of their online orders, ahead of the confirmed “mid-2020” delivery timeline.