Tesla Gigafactory 4 and Its Positive Impacts on Brandenburg

After signing the purchase contract for a 300-hectare property in Grünheide earlier this month, Tesla moved on with its plans to build the company’s first European facility. Several meetings with the local authorities have taken place and according to Economics Minister Jörg Steinbach, the recent event and the upcoming activity can prove to be beneficial for Brandenburg.

Soon after the Brandenburg State Committee approved the sales contract for the Gigafactory 4, Steinbach expressed his enthusiasm regarding Tesla’s positive impacts on the local business stage. In an interview with Berliner Morgenpost, he said:

“If you want to be a competitive location, you have to face the challenge. So it’s more about how to deal with expectations in Brandenburg. If we master the challenge, we will be pretty high up in the ranking of German business locations. And that can trigger a magnetic effect and cause other companies to discover Brandenburg on the map”.

The Economics Minister also highlighted the need for additional infrastructure in the area saying: “If the plant’s capacity is ramped up, another freeway connection can be added north of Freienbrink to avoid bottlenecks. Then more feeder roads are needed, and then we also have to talk about expanding rail capacity. The site has a siding and you will see how many trains have to run there each day”.

The new Tesla factory will involve many operations and require several infrastructure changes and additions, yet Brandenburg can benefit from all that. That’s why the state and federal authorities are interested in providing full support to ensure a smooth symbiotic relationship between Tesla and the state government of Brandenburg.

All the Tesla-related activities will actually put Brandenburg on the global map exposing it to other potential businesses. Not to mention that the various operations that need to be carried out to build the facility and then the company’s electric cars call for workforce, which adds to the advantages this area will benefit from.