Tesla Mobile App Might Be Updated With New In-Car Search Capabilities

Searching various Tesla vehicle-specific functions via the dedicated mobile app might be simplified in the future according to a recent tweet from Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk. While you can currently do that by using the voice controls or Tesla’s native touchscreen, adding features to enable search from anywhere in the car is an update many Tesla owners would appreciate.

There might be times when having direct access to various streaming services while on the back seat of a Tesla could prove to be quite useful. Even if the Model X offers a nice movie-watching experience for those seated on the car’s second row, the search capabilities are limited.

Last year’s V10 update included the Tesla Theater feature, an addition that basically turned the touchscreen into a movie screen, yet new search features that allow passengers to change the music or go through various entertainment options via the mobile app would complete the experience.

Not to mention that by allowing the passengers in your car to do these changes directly from their phones, the navigation would remain visible. Such a feature might also prove to be extremely useful when you’re on Camp Mode or planning on spending a long time in your vehicle.

Tesla is committed to enhancing the user experience as can be seen in the Holiday Software Update that made available various voice commands and features. Hopefully, the search feature update will become a reality soon.