Panasonic to Build Tesla EV Battery Plant in Kansas, Not Oklahoma: Report

Panasonic plans to build a new plant in Kansas to produce batteries for Tesla, according to sources speaking with Nikkei. The Japanese company is said to invest “several billion dollars” for its second U.S EV battery factory, with its location chosen based on tax incentives and also its location near Tesla’s Gigafactory in Austin, Texas. […]

Tesla Supplier Panasonic to Increase Battery Energy Density by 20%, Says CTO

Panasonic plans to begin producing Tesla’s 4680 batteries starting in March 2024, before new reports show the company is working on increasing the battery density of its electric vehicle (EV) battery cells. Tesla supplier Panasonic is developing technology to increase battery energy density by one-fifth by 2030, according to the company’s Chief Technology Officer in […]

Panasonic Sends Tesla 4680 Battery Samples, Prepares for Production Surge

Panasonic has sent new 4680 electric vehicle battery cell samples to Tesla, ahead of expected surges in the automaker’s production using the next-generation batteries, according to Reuters. The new batteries are expected to begin mass production starting in March 2023, beginning first at its Wakayama, Japan factory and later moving production to North America. At […]

Tesla Asks Panasonic for Faster Development of 4680 Battery Cells

Hirokazu Umeda, chief financial officer (CFO) of Panasonic, said during a post-results briefing that the company is being asked by Tesla to increase the supply of 2170 battery cells and to speed up the development of its next-generation 4680 batteries — reports Bloomberg. Following news of Panasonic pondering a new U.S. battery factory in Oklahoma or […]

Panasonic Considers New Oklahoma Battery Plant for Tesla: Report

After a report came out in March saying Tesla battery supplier Panasonic was considering building a factory in Oklahoma or Kansas, new reports seem to have substantiated the claim. Panasonic is considering a battery factory in the U.S. to produce a high-capacity electric vehicle battery for Tesla, according to a new report from Nikkei. The […]

Panasonic to Make Tesla ‘Top Priority’ for 4680 Battery Cell Supply

Earlier this month, Japanese parts supplier Panasonic announced plans to begin producing Tesla’s 4680 cells in 2023, and a new update confirms that the company will deliver batteries to Tesla first. Panasonic says it plans to prioritize Tesla in the supply of 4680 battery cells, once the company is “actually able to deliver” the technology, […]

Panasonic to Start Producing Tesla’s Next-Gen Batteries in 2023

Tesla’s 4680 next-generation battery cell concept is closer than ever to coming to fruition, with a recent update showing one of the automaker’s partners preparing to begin supplying new electric vehicle (EV) batteries. Panasonic plans to begin mass-producing Tesla’s next-generation 4680 lithium-ion batteries by 2023, which are expected to increase the range of EVs by […]

Panasonic Reveals Tesla 4680 Battery Cell Prototype

Image via Wall Street Journal Panasonic unveiled a prototype 4680 battery cell on Monday, expected to help supply Tesla’s EV battery needs, according to Reuters. The move is also expected to strengthen Tesla’s relationship with the Japan-based company, ahead of Tesla’s plans to widely produce the battery, paving way for cheaper cars and better access […]

Tesla’s Gigafactory in Nevada to Get New Panasonic Battery Line

Tesla is working with many partners on samples of its 4680 electric vehicle (EV) batteries, and according to a new report, one of the company’s oldest partners is set to establish a new production line this month at Gigafactory Nevada to produce battery cells. Panasonic is readying plans to install a new EV battery production […]