Mercedes Offers EV ‘Acceleration Increase’ Upgrade for $1,200 Per Year

Automakers are shifting toward offering subscription-based feature upgrades like Tesla, with Mercedes now selling a boost feature for a yearly charge. Mercedes-Benz announced a $1,200 per year upgrade for what it calls an “acceleration increase,” cutting up to a second off of its EQ vehicles’ acceleration times, according to a report from The Drive. The […]

Mercedes G-Class Electric SUV to Debut in 2024

During a media roundtable earlier this week, Mercedes Chairman Ola Källenius said the company plans to unveil its first all-electric version of the premium G-Class SUV sometime in 2024 (via Autoblog). Källenius told the press that he already test-drove a prototype G-Class electric vehicle (EV) last fall at Mercedes’ testing facility in Graz, Austria. He […]

Rivian Partners with Mercedes on Electric Van Production

Rivian and Mercedes-Benz signed a Memorandum of Understanding for a strategic partnership to produce electric vans, as detailed in a press release shared on Thursday. The joint venture will produce custom electric vans for both brands, with both automakers seeking leverage on shared investments and costs. Rivian and Mercedes are also looking to increase operational […]

Mercedes-Benz Touts EQXX Prototype 1,000 km Test Drive on Single Charge

Mercedes-Benz unveiled the Vision EQXX electric vehicle (EV) with 621 miles of range, last year, and one executive from the automaker says the high range is part of the company’s focus on efficiency. The German automaker plans to produce EVs that consume just 10 kilowatt-hours of energy per 100 km (62 miles), in its 100-kilowatt/hour […]

Tesla Leads U.S. Luxury Registrations in January, Overtakes BMW

Electric vehicles (EVs) are overtaking luxury internal combustion engine (ICE) brands more consistently than ever, with Tesla’s January registration data showing an electrifying trend. Tesla led luxury sales in the U.S. in January, with 37,162 vehicles registered representing a 49 percent increase year-over-year, according to Experian data reported by Automotive News. Last year, Tesla nearly […]

Mercedes EQS Electric SUV Spotted Testing in California [VIDEO]

Mercedes-Benz has plans to launch six EQ electric vehicles (EVs) this year, and an upcoming SUV model has officially been spotted testing A pair of Mercedes EQS SUV units were seen testing in Southern California, with privacy wraps covering the EVs’ paint jobs, as spotted by Motor1 last week. In the video, originally from KindelAuto, […]

Mercedes Plans Level 3 Self-Driving Launch in U.S. in 2022, Says CEO

Mercedes-Benz is hoping to join the ranks of Honda and BMW in seeking out Level 3 self-driving, with the automaker expecting to unveil the system as soon as this year. Mercedes hopes to unveil Level 3 self-driving in U.S. markets in 2022, according to the automaker’s CEO Ola Kallenius (via Automotive News). On Thursday, Kallenius […]

Mercedes Acquires Stake in Luminar, Taps Lidar Sensors for Future Cars

Lidar startup Luminar announced a new automotive partnership with Mercedes-Benz on Thursday, in which the automaker will also gain a stake in the startup, according to Automotive News. The deal has Luminar producing its “Iris” lidar sensors for Mercedes-Benz’ automated highway driving assistance system, though it’s not clear as of yet when the technology will […]

Mercedes Touts ‘Vision EQXX’ EV Concept at CES 2022 [VIDEO]

After reports of the Mercedes Vision EQXX’s impressive 621 miles of range came out in November, the company has unveiled more details about the upcoming electric vehicle (EV) in a new announcement. The Mercedes-Benz Vision EQXX is the company’s “most efficient” EV yet, featuring a variety of newly-announced drivetrain upgrades and other new features, according […]

Mercedes Dealer Demands $50,000 Markup on EQS 580 EV 

The price of electric vehicles (EVs) isn’t considered affordable yet by the standards of most consumers, and some buyers have actually switched which EV they’re buying due to price markups on other models. @Jon Rettinger purchased a Lucid Air after being informed of a $50,000 price markup for a Mercedes Benz EQS 580, for which […]

Mercedes Vision EQXX Electric Vehicle Claims 621 Miles of Range

The Mercedes-Benz EQS recently gained a Mercedes-AMG high-performance version, and just a couple of months after the announcement, the company has begun teasing a new zero-emission vehicle, set to be even more efficient. Mercedes-Benz is planning to head to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) on January 3, 2022 to debut its Vision EQXX electric vehicle […]