Tesla Highlights its 142 Megapacks in Oxnard, California [VIDEO]

Tesla released a new video on its YouTube channel on Friday, detailing the company’s huge Megapack installation in Oxnard, California. “In Oxnard, California, the community came together to advocate against the installation of a new fossil fuel-powered peaker plant. In its place, our energy partner installed 142 Tesla Megapacks as a sustainable energy storage solution,” […]

40 Tesla Megapacks to Power Battery Project in Queensland, Australia

Tesla is adding to a number of its ongoing Australian energy storage projects, with a new partnership taking place in Queensland, Australia. Australian power company Genex Power signed a supply agreement last week with Tesla to use its Megapacks to power a 50 MW and 100 MWh battery project in Queensland, Australia, according to Energy […]

Tesla Partners with Japanese Companies for Energy Storage

On Thursday, Tesla announced plans to partner with Japanese companies to construct an energy storage plant in Hokkaido, according to Reuters. Tesla will partner with Japan’s Global Engineering, a power retailer, and engineering firm Ene-Vision to connect the storage site to the electrical grid. The storage site will be constructed from a variety of Tesla’s […]

Tesla Megapack in Victoria, Australia Catches Fire During Trials

Following the establishment of one of the world’s largest batteries in Victoria, Australia by Tesla and French company Neoen, a Tesla Megapack at the site has reportedly caught on fire. A Tesla Megapack caught on fire on Friday during testing of Tesla’s Victoria, Australia Big Battery, a Megapack unit run in part by Neoen, according […]

Tesla Megapack Pricing, Specs, Ordering Details and More Revealed

The official order page for Tesla’s Megapack has gone live, revealing pricing and more for the utility-scale energy storage solution — reports The Street. Details on the Megapack have been in short supply up until now since, unlike the more consumer-focused Powerwall, the Megapack has largely been a business-to-business product. Capacity A single Megapack energy storage […]

142 Tesla Megapacks Go Online in California, Instead of Gas Plant

Renewable energy is here to stay, as depicted by one California community’s decision to establish an electric battery storage plant, rather than building another gas-powered plant. 142 Tesla Megapacks became operative in California earlier this week, replacing a proposed gas peaker plant located in Ventura County, according to Energy Storage News. The project, titled Saticoy, […]

Apple to Use 85 Tesla Megapack Batteries at California Solar Farm

On Wednesday, Apple shared more details of its massive solar farm project called California Flats, located in Monterey County. This new solar farm would be capable of storing 240 megawatt-hours of energy, enough to give power to 7,000 homes for one day, said Apple. What the iPhone maker did not reveal was that its solar […]

Tesla Installing Secret Battery Project for Texas Electrical Grid: Report

With our world starting to use electric vehicles (EVs) and solar energy more frequently than ever before, energy storage is also becoming an increasingly hot topic. Tesla has made its first move into the Texas power market, with new developments showing hidden construction of a giant battery connected to Texas’s electrical grid, according to Bloomberg. […]

Tesla Megapacks to Power Victorian Big Battery Project in Australia

Neoen and Tesla announced plans to partner in building Victoria’s biggest battery yet just a few months ago, and according to a new update, the companies are now a little closer to financing the project. On Thursday, the Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC), established in 2012 under the Australian Government, announced it would be investing […]

Tesla Megapack Project in Moss Landing, California Construction Update [VIDEO]

A new YouTube video from EKMMetering showcases drone footage of the progress made on the Tesla Megapack project at the Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) substation in Moss Landing, California. The Moss Landing PG&E site is only one of a number of sites in California that are in the process of getting Tesla Megapacks and Powerpacks for energy storage […]

Tesla Megapack in Moss Landing, California Construction Update [VIDEO]

It was recently announced that PG&E would be purchasing a number of Tesla’s Megapacks to build a site at its Moss Landing, California site. A new video uploaded by YouTube channel EKMMetering shows progress made on Tesla’s new Megapack for California’s PG&E in Moss Landing, with much of the construction well underway. When finished, the […]

First Tesla Megapacks Installed at PG&E Moss Landing Station [PICS]

Tesla Megapacks and Powerpacks are starting to pop up around the world, and, as a result, energy storage in these areas will soon be getting a major facelift. According to Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E), California’s electricity supplier, the first of many Tesla Megapacks was installed at its Moss Landing Station on Monday. The Megapack […]