Level 3 Autonomous Driving

Stellantis Plans Level 3 Self-Driving with BMW for 2024; Level 4/5 with Waymo

Stellantis is set to begin rolling out Level 3 automated driving by 2024, a level of autonomy not yet touched throughout most of the world which allows for completely hands-free driving, according to Automotive News. On Tuesday, Head of Stellantis’s Artificial Intelligence, Software and Hardware Joachim Langenwalter said, “The first Level 3 solution will come […]

Honda Debuts World’s First Level 3 Autonomous Driving Car

Last year, Honda promised to be the first to launch a Level 3 autonomous driving vehicle, and in a new update, it has kept its promise. On Thursday, Japanese automaker unveiled the self-driving vehicle, the Honda Legend, as reported by Nikkei. The company is entering the field cautiously, and will only sell 100 copies of […]