Tesla Hits Milestone: 2000th Supercharger Stall in Norway

Tesla charging norway supercharger

Tesla has celebrated the installation of its 2000th Supercharger stall in Norway, located at the picturesque Vøringsfossen, Norway’s most famous waterfall.

This achievement underscores Tesla’s ongoing commitment to expanding its infrastructure in a country where it continues to dominate the electric vehicle market. The Tesla Charging account on X shared a couple of photos of this special 2,000th Supercharger stall, fully-decked out in the Norwegian flag, while a “2,000th” appears at the bottom of charger 5C.

In 2023, Tesla once again topped Norway’s car sales for the third consecutive year, with an impressive 25,376 vehicles sold. This represents 23.6% of the market share for battery electric vehicles (BEVs). Notably, the Tesla Model Y has emerged as the best-selling model, with 23,058 units sold, accounting for 21.4% of all BEV sales in Norway.

Cumulatively, there are now 111,666 Teslas on Norwegian roads, reflecting the brand’s strong foothold in the region. Tesla’s overall market share rose to 20.0% in 2023, up from 12.2% the previous year, as nearly five out of six new cars sold were fully electric, according to data from the Norwegian Road Federation (OFV).

Norway, aiming to be the first nation to end the sale of gas and diesel cars by 2025, has significantly boosted EV adoption by exempting fully electric vehicles from many taxes levied on internal combustion engine cars. Despite the introduction of some levies in 2023, electric vehicles accounted for 82.4% of new vehicle sales, up from 79.3% in 2022.