Tesla Rehires Some Key Staff from Supercharging Team: Report

Tesla has started to rehire employees from its Supercharging team, including some key personnel, just weeks after they were abruptly laid off.

The move comes after Tesla CEO Elon Musk disbanded nearly 500 members of the team last month, including senior director Rebecca Tinucci and other top managers. Among those rehired is Max de Zegher, the director of charging for North America, reports Bloomberg, citing unnamed sources.

The specific number of employees reinstated remains unclear, as neither Musk nor de Zegher has commented on the matter. This decision follows significant criticism within the electric vehicle industry, where Tesla’s Superchargers have been considered one of the company’s most strategic assets.

Last year, Tesla successfully persuaded several major car manufacturers to adopt its NACS plug standards and opened its charging network to other users.

In response to the backlash from the layoffs, Musk recently committed to investing over $500 million this year to expand the Supercharging network. He also indicated a shift in strategy from rapid expansion to enhancing the reliability and performance of existing stations.

The recent developments were highlighted by the @TeslaCharging account on X, which thanked charging site hosts and suppliers for their patience during Tesla’s internal restructuring. De Zegher echoed this sentiment by reposting the message.

Tesla first launched Superchargers in 2012, and now operates over 6,200 charging stations with 57,000 connectors globally.