Tesla Seeks Engineer for 5G Integration in Cars, Optimus Robot

Tesla is actively pursuing the integration of 5G technology into its vehicles and the Optimus robot, as revealed by a recent job posting by Pat Ruelke on LinkedIn, a lead staff engineer for Tesla’s IT Manufacturing Solutions Engineering, based out of Berlin, Germany (via @Tesla_App_iOS).

Although the post has been deleted, it hinted Tesla’s ambitious plans to enhance cellular connectivity for its products through a private 5G network. The role, based at Tesla’s Palo Alto Engineering Headquarters, promises to push the boundaries of low latencies and high data rates.

The job posting called for a “Cellular Systems Integration Engineer” to join Tesla’s global IT Manufacturing Solutions Engineering team. The engineer would be tasked with delivering a premier connectivity experience for all Tesla vehicles, including the Model S, 3, X, Y, and Cybertruck, as well as the Optimus robot.

The responsibilities include understanding internal customer needs, conducting test procedures, and ensuring seamless and reliable integration into Tesla’s private 5G network infrastructure, highlighting the company’s commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology to improve product connectivity.’

Right now, Tesla vehicles with Premium Connectivity rely on local cellular partners for connectivity.

It’s unclear what Tesla’s private 5G network infrastructure refers to, but this could be tied into SpaceX’s Starlink internet, which is available globally, and also testing a direct to cell network.