Tesla Exhibit at Petersen Museum Last Day: March 31

Petersen tesla museum hero

The Petersen Automotive Museum currently has a Tesla exhibit, which opened back in the fall of 2022.

Fast forward to the spring of 2024, and the Petersen Museum has announced today the last day for the Tesla exhibit will be on March 31, 2024, according to an email received by Tesla North:

Here’s what the Tesla exhibit is all about:

Inside Tesla: Supercharging the Electric Revolution traces the company’s story from fledgling startup to EV juggernaut and explores the range of its products, the breadth of its manufacturing capabilities, and its irrefutable impact on the modern transportation landscape.

Tesla’s Cybertruck is at the museum, along with the new and original Roadster, to go with Model S/X, Model 3/Y and Optimus.

There is also a free Tesla Cybertruck poster available at their Admissions Desk until the Exhibition closes.

You can buy your tickets online or in-person for the Tesla exhibition, located at 6060 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles.