Rivian Tesla Supercharger Access Goes Live

rivian supercharger

Rivian owners can now access select Tesla Superchargers in the U.S. and Canada, expanding the availability of charging for owners of the former’s electric vehicles.

Tesla announced on Monday, “Select Superchargers now available for Rivian owners,” directing owners to “Download the Tesla App to charge,” by clicking here.

At the end of February, Tesla shared an update to say Supercharger access was coming this Spring for Rivian, GM, Volvo and Polestar owners. At the beginning of this month, Rivian confirmed this news and said Supercharger access will be coming in March. As of today, this access is now live.

“Fast charger access just doubled. Rivian vehicles can now tap into 15,000+ Tesla Superchargers — rapidly expanding the fast charging experience for our customers. Initially, a NACS DC adapter is needed for access, shipping free to owners starting this spring,” said Rivian.

Rivian owners just need to download the Tesla mobile app to get started and then the ‘Magic dock’ at these select Superchargers will allow for charging. The company is also shipping out its own NACS adapter to customers this spring.

The question remains: will Rivian move the NACS charge port from the right side to the left side of its newest R2 and R3 vehicles?