Rivian Reveals R3 and R3X Compact SUVs

Rivian R3 2

Rivian R3

Rivian wasn’t done today by just revealing the R2, but it also unveiled the R3 and R3X, smaller versions of the former.

“R2 is just the beginning. Say hello to R3,” said Rivian. Check out photos below:

Rivian R3 1

Rivian R3 3

But Rivian wasn’t done there. The R3X was revealed as well. “We designed R3X for maximum performance, capability — and fun. Deliveries will begin after R2,” said the company. That means sometime after the first half of 2026.

The R3X design looks like a throwback to some of the boxy 80s car designs:

“R3X is a rally-inspired crossover designed for whatever you throw at it,” said Rivian. The company said the R3 is their take on what a crossover can be, but built on the same midsize platform as R2, but smaller and at a lower price point.

It remains to be seen if Rivian can mass produce these three models. The R2 looks pretty good and will be popular given its lower price point. As for the R3 and R3X, that looks to be even cheaper, but no pricing was revealed.