NJ Police Uncover Stolen SpaceX Starlink Terminals Worth $400,000

stolen starlink

In Mercer County, New Jersey, police have made a significant breakthrough in a high-tech theft case. They announced the recovery of a substantial number of SpaceX Starlink terminals, purchased illegally using stolen credit cards.

The suspect, operating in Lawrence Township, managed to acquire 675 Starlink kits, valued at around $400,000 USD. So far, only about a third of these terminals have been successfully recovered. SpaceX officials says this is the largest fraud recovery the company has ever seen. SpaceX can likely disable the stolen Starlink kits so they cannot be used.

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The report, first covered by 6abc Philadelphia, shows a new level of sophistication by thieves to acquire Starlink kits to sell for profit, using stolen credit cards. It’s clear that Starlink kits are a hot commodity for those seeking faster high-speed internet that’s unavailable in their area. The quick response by Mercer County police helped stop the crime but not all Starlink kits have been recovered.