Rivian R2 Specs, Pricing Leak Ahead of Official Reveal

rivian r2 teaser

Speculation surrounding Rivian’s upcoming electric vehicle, the more compact R2 SUV, intensified after a leak on their website Monday evening, as reported by Chris Hilbert. The anticipated R2, set to be officially unveiled on March 7, has seen key specifications and pricing details leak on Rivian’s own website, before the info was taken down.

The leaked information suggests the starting price for the base model of the Rivian R2 will be around $47,000 to $47,500 USD. This model is expected to boast a range of approximately 260 miles, acceleration from 0 to 60 mph in around 6 seconds, and come equipped with all-season tires.

In terms of performance and dimensions, the R2 claims a top range of 330 miles and an impressive acceleration time of 0 to 60 mph in just 3 seconds. It can seat five people, measuring 185.6 inches in length, 75 inches in width (84.4 inches with mirrors), and standing 66.9 inches tall. The vehicle features a max ground clearance of 9.8 inches, a wheelbase of 15.6 inches, and a wheel and tire diameter of 32 inches. The approach and departure angles are stated as 25° and 27°, respectively. The specs make this out to be about the size of a Honda CR-V.

Rivian r2 rear

The R2 will have Tesla’s native North American Charging Standard (NACS) port installed.

Based on the specs, the R2 is slightly shorter than the Tesla Model Y, yet potentially offers more cargo space due to its squared-off rear design. As for the higher-end version of the R2, estimates suggest a price tag of at least $60,000, offering the full 330-mile range and enhanced performance features.

Reservation details for the R2 start on March 7 with the option of a fully refundable deposit. The event is scheduled for March 7 at 10 am PST and will be accessible via an online livestream.

The R2 will join the larger R1T and R1S EV models and it remains to be seen if Rivan will be able to ramp up mass production to meet demand.