Tesla Seeks Help Opposing Disastrous Oklahoma Bills

Tesla oklahoma

In Oklahoma, a legislative challenge is underway with potential repercussions for Tesla’s operations in the state.

Companion bills SB 2022 and HB 3104, currently under consideration by the State Legislature, threaten the future of Tesla galleries by proposing a ban on educational and informational activities about Tesla and its products.

This move could adversely affect Tesla locations and jeopardize numerous jobs across the state. The House Business and Commerce Committee set HB 3104 for a hearing yesterday, sparking a call to action for Tesla owners and supporters to voice their opposition.

Tesla enthusiasts in Oklahoma are urged to contact members of the House Business and Commerce Committee today, advocating for the protection of their rights as vehicle owners and residents. They are encouraged to share personal stories highlighting the negative impact HB 3104 would have on the state, emphasizing the importance of voting against the bill to safeguard Tesla’s presence and the broader economic interests of Oklahoma.

Meanwhile, a similar campaign in Nebraska, which sought to mobilize Tesla owners against LB 891—a bill that threatened Tesla’s service and repair operations—has concluded.

LB 891 posed a significant challenge to Tesla’s ability to operate its new Service Center in Lincoln and offer mobile service within the state, potentially forcing Tesla owners to seek repairs outside Nebraska. Thanks to the engagement of Tesla owners and supporters, the campaign has reached its engagement objectives, and further action is no longer necessary at this time.

The Oklahoma Tesla Engage campaign remains active, focusing on preventing the adoption of legislation that could hinder Tesla’s innovative contributions to the automotive industry in the state. Tesla owners and advocates are called upon to make their voices heard in defense of technological advancement and job preservation in Oklahoma.