Tesla Just Made Magic Dock Superchargers Easier to Use

magic dock hero

Tesla has modified the method of accessing its Magic Dock Superchargers, moving away from app-based activation.

According to Branden Flasch, as of February 15, users can now activate the charging process by pressing and holding the handle button for two seconds. This change hints at a broader strategy to introduce plug-and-charge functionality for vehicles not manufactured by Tesla.

Tesla’s own mobile app provided a glimpse into this new process with an instructional screenshot stating, “press and hold the button on the handle for two seconds, then push into the dock and pull out to detach the adapter. Next, select the stall you are charging at and tap ‘start charging’.”

The Kilowatts further illustrated this change on February 22 with a video demo. This move is seen as a continuation of Tesla’s commitment to delivering a high-quality user experience by simplifying the charging process for all electric vehicles at their Magic Dock-equipped Supercharger stations.

The Magic Dock adapter allows non-Tesla vehicles to charge at Superchargers. For now, it appears this new press and hold method remains in the U.S., as Canadian documentation does not mention the new method to unlock the dock.

Check out the video below from The Kilowatts: