Tesla Cybertruck ‘Boat Mode’ Tested by YouTuber

cybertruck boat mode

Tesla’s Cybertruck underwent a rigorous “Wade Mode” test to explore its capabilities in traversing waterlogged terrains. The experiment, led by TechRax, a popular YouTube channel known for pushing gadgets to their limits (specifically Apple iPhones and more), aimed to determine just how deep the Cybertruck could drive through water.

The video, titled “How Deep Can Tesla Cybertruck Drive in Water? -Wade Mode Test,” showcases the electric pickup truck’s attempt to conquer a series of increasingly deep puddles. At the outset, TechRax expressed optimism about the vehicle’s performance, noting its elevated stance in the highest ride setting and the specialized “Wade Mode” designed to tackle shallow water by raising the ride height and pressurizing the battery.

As the Cybertruck approached the first puddle, the excitement was palpable. “Let’s see what happens,” said the driver before plunging into the water. To their astonishment, the vehicle handled the challenge with ease, prompting reactions of disbelief and admiration for its tank-like resilience. “Oh my goodness, bro, I can’t even see what is going on… but wow, that is taking it with ease,” the presenter exclaimed after navigating through the murky waters.

The adventure escalated with each successive puddle, each deeper than the last. Despite the increasing challenges, the Cybertruck continued to impress, powering through with little difficulty. “Still really nothing, literally going through like a tank. Wow, that is crazy,” the team observed, even as rain added to the dramatic setting.

However, not all went smoothly. The final test pushed the Cybertruck to its limits, with the presenter acknowledging, “That is way too deep,” as they urged the vehicle to exit the water. Despite this, the Cybertruck emerged victorious, reinforcing its status as a “beast” capable of “going through the ocean.”

Post-test, the vehicle showed some wear, with minor issues like a rattling sound and a dislodged fender piece, but these were deemed minor compared to the extreme conditions it faced. Interestingly, a few hours after the water test, the presenter noted some malfunctions with the buttons for the tailgate and cover, which failed to respond, though they could still be operated via a smartphone app.

Overall, the Tesla Cybertruck’s “Wade Mode” test was a testament to its rugged design and innovative features, capable of handling not just everyday roads but also challenging waterlogged paths. As TechRax concluded, “Overall, everything seems to be fairly normal… the frunk was pretty dry, the trunk was pretty dry. Hope you guys enjoyed that video.”

Tesla CEO Elon Musk previously noted back in December a mod package would be coming that would allow Cybertruck to traverse at least 100m of water as a boat. The mods would include an upgrade to cabin door seals mostly.

This was an insane test and one that would would expect from TechRax, who has been around for a long time. This just goes to show the Cybertruck will allow you to drive through more than just puddles, but literally through rivers as well!

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