Snoop Dogg Says He Needs a Tesla, Elon Musk Says Buy Your Own

Tesla doesn’t give out any free vehicles, even to executives. So when iconic rapper Snoop Dogg asked for a Tesla, he got the response from Elon Musk that he gives to everyone: buy your own.

In a message re-shared on X, Snoop Dogg can be seen saying on video, “This is a message for Elon Musk. Nephew…I need a Tesla. One of your peoples came to my show. They told me they was gonna give me one. I’m still waiting. Do I have to buy one? Or you gonna send me one.”

That’s when Musk replied, “Everyone pays full price for a Tesla, including me.”

Tesla doesn’t give out free vehicles aside from its referral program contests. Celebrities aren’t special and they need to get in line to buy Tesla vehicles like everyone else. Sorry Snoop!