LG Expands EV Charging Market to Canada

LG Electronics Canada has announced its foray into the electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions sector in Canada.

This strategic move introduces charge point operators and commercial property owners to a new range of products within the burgeoning Canadian EV market. The initiative begins with the introduction of advanced Level 2 chargers, produced in LG’s recently inaugurated EV charger manufacturing facility located in Fort Worth, Texas.

This expansion comes at a time when Canada is witnessing a surge in EV adoption, driven by the Government of Canada’s efforts to curb carbon emissions and a consumer shift towards electric mobility. LG’s decision to offer its cutting-edge charging solutions in Canada aligns with these trends, marking a significant step in supporting the country’s green transportation goals.

LG has initiated the assembly of Level 2 11kW chargers and is set to commence the production of 175kW fast chargers within the first half of the year. Furthermore, plans are underway to unveil a Level 3 350kW ultra-fast charger by 2024, broadening LG’s charger portfolio to cater to diverse customer needs, particularly in the commercial travel and long-distance transport sectors.

The company’s smart chargers provide efficient, reliable, and user-friendly solutions. LG’s chargers are ideal for a variety of locations, including hotels, restaurants, transit hubs, shopping centers, and residential and commercial buildings, allowing proprietors to set their own pricing and develop a profit center while scaling their network as per local demand.

These chargers also enable businesses and public entities to advance their electrification strategies by setting up independently owned and operated stations that generate new revenue streams and offer an additional branding opportunity via an optional digital display.