Tesla Offers Free Enhanced Autopilot Trial in China

enhanced autopilot

Tesla is offering up a free trial of its Enhanced Autopilot feature for customers in China, as part of Year of the Dragon celebrations.

The company says customers can enjoy a free 30-day trial of Enhanced Autopilot, and it’s expected to reach millions of customers.

Autopilot offers the following capabilities:

  • Traffic-Aware Cruise Control: Adjusts your vehicle’s speed to match that of the surrounding traffic.
  • Autosteer: Provides steering assistance within well-defined lanes, complemented by traffic-aware cruise control.

Building upon the standard Autopilot features, Enhanced Autopilot introduces the following extra features:

  • Navigate on Autopilot: Seamlessly directs your vehicle from the entrance to the exit of a highway, including proposing lane changes, handling interchanges, activating turn signals, and executing the appropriate exit maneuvers.
  • Auto Lane Change: Offers support in transitioning to neighboring lanes on the highway while Autosteer is active.
  • Autopark: Automates the process of parallel or perpendicular parking with a simple command.
  • Summon: Allows for the vehicle to be moved into or out of confined parking spots through the mobile app or a key.
  • Smart Summon: Enables your vehicle to navigate through more intricate environments and parking situations, dodging obstacles as needed to locate you within a parking area.

The best features of Enhanced Autopilot are auto lane change and also the handling of entrance and exits of highways, allowing you to stay in Autopilot instead of cancelling out.