Tesla Cuts Price of Model Y Performance in Canada, Rebate Eligible

model y performance canada

Tesla has made more price cuts in Canada, this time lowering the price of the Model Y Performance.

The fastest Model Y is now available at $69,990 CAD, down $4,300 CAD (was $74,290). This new price means the Performance now qualifies for the federal iZEV rebate of $5,000, as the price is $10 below the $70,000 max MSRP. It also means it’s eligible for provincial rebates in B.C., up to $4,000 CAD depending on your income.

If you can get the max $9,000 off in B.C., that takes the Model Y Performance to $60,990.

To qualify for the $7,000 rebate in Quebec, the Model Y Performance would need to drop below the $65,000 threshold.

Less than a week ago, Tesla dropped the price of the Model Y RWD and Long Range by $4,000. This allowed the Long Range version to now qualify for the $7,000 Quebec provincial rebate as the new price is now below the $65,000 price threshold.

The aggressive price drop also made the Model Y RWD and Model 3 RWD hit price parity for the first time, both at $53,990 CAD. Now that the Model Y Performance qualifies for the federal iZEV rebate, it will drop to $64,990–which is just $1,000 more than the new Model 3 Long Range. With no Model 3 Performance available at the moment, it seems like a no-brainer to spend $1,000 more to get a Model Y Performance.

With the entire Model Y line up in Canada eligible for the $5,000 federal rebate, this will likely spur even more sales in the nation, especially for those that can also get rebates in their province.