Tesla’s Cybertruck Tour in China Has Started [PICS]

Cybertruck chengdu

Tesla’s Cybertruck has started a tour in China, showing up a bunch of cities. While the Cybertruck is only delivering right now for customers in the U.S., this tour is drawing a lot of interest into Tesla’s other vehicles as well.

Tesla shared some photos of Cybertruck in Chongqing, Xi’an, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Beijing, Chengdu and Hangzhou on the weekend. Check them out below:

Cybertruck china chongqing

Cybertruck xi an

Cybertruck shanghai

Cybertruck shenzhen

Cybertruck beijing

Cybertruck chengdu

Cybertruck hangzhou

It is such a juxtaposition seeing the Cybertruck parked in these Chinese cities next to some historic landmarks. It looks so cool.

“Absolute showstopper! Huge foot traffic at the Nationwide Cybertruck Tour 1 out of the 8 location. Shanghai, China,” said @JayinShanghai on Sunday.

“A lot of interest from consumers the quote I heard the most was “If this comes to the market they will immediately buy”” said Jay. Check out his video below:

Yes, Tesla also has the Cyber Quad on display as well as part of its tour:

Tesla continues to pump out Cybertrucks from Giga Texas and more and more trucks are being delivered each week, as part of the company’s ramp up of its newest vehicle.