Rivian Looks to Debut Video Streaming, Gaming, WiFi Hotspot and More

Rivian is apparently set to roll out a range of new subscription-based services for its fleet, including the R1S and RCV models.

This update was shared by Reddit user u/ddd1330 on Wednesday, who is involved in acquiring multiple vehicles from Rivian for their company.

According to the information provided, these additional services will require a monthly vehicle subscription, with custom bundles available. The upcoming features are poised to enhance the in-vehicle experience for Rivian owners significantly.

These services include an in-vehicle WiFi hotspot, music streaming, satellite images, vehicle security video, and video streaming. Additionally, gaming, an internet browser, and a new ‘Fleet Mode’ are marked as coming soon.

One of the most anticipated features is the Rivian Gear Guard video, which could potentially offer remote viewing capabilities. The user expressed excitement about this feature, hoping for its early introduction. The ‘Fleet Mode’, another forthcoming feature, also piqued interest, although specific details about its functionality are yet to be revealed.

The list of features further includes unlimited 4G LTE hotspot, unlimited music streaming with platforms like Spotify, enhancements to vehicle mapping/navigation, video casting with screen mirroring, unlimited gaming, and unlimited internet browsing. Rivian will also provide APIs to toggle or throttle vehicle drive modes, acceleration, top speed, and other functionalities, as listed under Fleet Mode.

Tesla vehicles already have music streaming, satellite images for maps, vehicle security with Sentry mode, video streaming (but not casting), gaming and an internet browser.

It’ll be interesting if these Rivian features will also be available for non-fleet vehicles. We’ll have to wait and see if these are real or not but it’s great to see more tech coming to Rivian EVs–if you’re willing to pay for a monthly subscription.